The Beginning

Back in the year 2001, the founders of Webrains were having trouble finding a place to work where programmers had decent working conditions and got an opportunity to start doing great work from a single system at home, without bumbling, non-technical managers getting in the way. Every high tech company claimed they wanted great programmers, but they wouldn't put their money where their mouth was. After completing a couple of projects Webrains sifted to its first office place where the total number of team was only 5(Five) and from there the growth is on and reached today to a team of 38 with more than 785(Seven hundred and eighty five) completed projects.

Now Webrains has a leading presence in the global Information Technology industry in India offering a full range of IT solutions to customers worldwide. We offer custom software development solutions that help clients to build and incorporate advanced business applications and websites. Proven expertise to Analyze and understand the current state of your problem and to provide the specific quality solution to the concerned problem. We creates simple-to-use, innovative IT management software that saves time and money. We design and develop things which are done by lots of companies. But that is only part of what we are about. At Webrains we understand that what we can achieve is more important than what we actually do. We understand the client's perspective and then make use of the appropriate technology to design and deploy the solutions. These solutions empower you to benefits of technology and take advantage of the new opportunities while constantly adapting yourself to change.

How different we are

We had a different idea. Our management's number one responsibility is recruiting extremely talented software people, treating them as well as we can and supporting them to do great work.

Management's first responsibility is to create an abstraction layer for developers to create the infrastructure so that programmers really just have to program.

A programmer is most productive with a quiet good ambience office, a great computer, an ambient temperature between 18° and 22°, no glare on the screen, a seat that's so comfortable, a system in charge who makes the Internet as available as air, a tester to find the bugs they just can't notice, a designer to make the screens look more beautiful, a team of full fledge sales marketing people to make the clients want their products and some experienced managers who help customers get the product working and help the programmers understand what problems are generating.

Genius people like to work with other genius people, so we are extremist about hiring the infinite best people we can get, people who come through everything they did in the past, and astonished us with how easily they handled any tough situations.

We are focused on continual learning, training, education and attaining seminars on latest techs. We never write the same old code again and again; we're not using the same technologies for years rather we update our self to the newest techniques available in the market and we have plenty of time and freedom to learn new things.

Communication Methodology

The Communication Methodology is to research, create, and execute a communication plan for a project, which includes Phases of Communications Planning and Delivery as determining scope, developing plans and delivering and evolution.

We try to maintain a communication update to our clients in every week with a scheduled time as per our client's convenience. We follow a communication tracking system for getting the system requirements and with an issue number or a new development number, so we can minimize the communication gap, and maximum client satisfaction can be obtained.

Delivery Methodology

We have Well-defined methodologies that are easy to repeat, improves the business performance of information technology and business process. We maintain a strict dead line oriented version releases within in our company before releasing the final product to the client. We follow 4 internal development cycle releases to a Grant Release to the client. And before every grant release we maintain a strict quality assurance checking of the product by a well qualified testing team.

Professional Support

We provide an issue tracking management system, so any time an issue is raised, it is directly raised by the client, and it is directly linked to the developer so within minimum communication layer the issue can be solved. For each and every issue, we survey the deep cause & root so we can reach the maximum client satisfaction.

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[Important Announcement]
We are not into any recruitment service and anyone claiming so is not associated with our company. It came to our notice that a similar named unregistered company based in Noida/Delhi is running some scam. so candidates please be aware !!!Webrains Solutions Pvt Ltd has never charged or will ever in future charge any fees from any candidate !!!

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