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Indian Herbs


Indian Herbs app has been developed under the aegis of State Medicinal Plants Board of Odisha (India) , Dept. of Forest and Environment, Govt. of Odisha; to help plant lovers about the Wild Medicinal plants of Odisha, (India) describing their Traditional Healing and Therapeutic uses practiced in India for centuries. These plants are used in the Traditional Indian system of Medicine and Homeopathy, popularly known as AYUSH System of Medicine i.e Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidha and Homeopathy. There are multiple search option like search by Species Names, Disease and medical terms. It includes around 200+ most commonly used medicinal plants of Odisha (India) and more than 2000 images collected by the authors. The various morphological features of these plants have been explained with Text and Photographs to identify each and every medicinal plant depicted in the App. The reference is offline and does not need internet connection. All information will be downloaded locally to the device when the application is installed for the first time. The user can add his own text and photo shots in to the content locally in the device.

Indian Birds


The App of Indian Birds has been a close companion for both amateur bird-watching enthusiasts and seasoned ornithologists in India. This mobile app retains Dr. Salim Ali's original text while describing and illustrating 240 additional species. Color prints are used in place of the black-and-white photographs of earlier editions. This illustrates in color, and succinctly describes the habits and habitats of 538 birds of the plains and foothills, and of the wetlands and sea-coast. The sequence of orders and families has been rearranged to facilitate reference to current ornithological literature. Indian Birds serves indispensable field guide for everyone who wishes to enjoy the rich and varied bird life of the country.

200 Grammar Rules


The application consists of Two hundred grammar rules written by accredited Grammarian Mr. Pritish Bhanja which promise one to comprehend the core of English Grammar.One can handle grammar section of all exams once the rules are mastered.Lucid explanation helps one understand English grammar thoroughly.An opportunity to improve your English. Compiled from the book "Two Hundred Grammar Rules" written by Pritish Bhanja

Jagannath Temple


Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha app has been developed to help the devotees of Lord Jagannath to know more details information about the temple having user friendly features. Using this app user can get informations like... The Temple, Architecture, History, Bhoga & Ananda Bazar, Fstivals, et etc.

Sun Temple


Sun Temple, Konark, Odisha app has been developed to help the devotees as well as the tourists to get the informations about the Sun temple as well as the architecture, temple complex and conservation.

Indian Facts


The best and the only collection of interesting facts about incredible India. This app is designed for those curious people who want to explore maximum facts. Our app contains large number of facts and our database updates regularly with more added facts. . .

Four 41 Household Tips


441 house hold tips is only and first of its kind providing lot of house hold tips for kitchen, health, beauty, food, gardening and pets.This app will help everyone in the day to day activities.

Amazing Facts


This app is About cool And amazing Fact.about our everyday life And some important fact.that everyone should know.checking out this collection of facts start ur day learning something u din't know since yesterday.

Funny Facts


This great app with collection of funny fact which makes you laugh.

Odisha Info


Odisha Info is a high end offline information guide mobile application. Odisha, an eastern state of India, spreading over an area of 1,56,707 sq Km. with her beguiling charm, rural tranquility And 482 Km. of coastline dotted with some spectacular virgin beaches, lakes and lagoon, hundreds of temples, wild life sanctuaries and national Parks, indigenous tribal people and their varied culture, colorful and vibrant cultural festivals, hospitable environs offers almost everything on a platter, any visitor expects from a dream destination. Our App includes description about Odisha, People, History, Land, Economy, Culture, Language, Dance & Music. Going through which an user can easily know a lot of information about Odisha.

Fears & Phobia


Our App Fears & Phobias is a list of more than 5oo Phobias, you will learn more about the types of phobias that exist than you could ever have imagined. And who knows, in the process of leaning the phobias you may come to the conclusion that you have one or two or... phobias yourself. Simply view the list in the App. Read the medical name with description of the phobia on the page. Some of them can be a little difficult to pronounce. Phobias are commonly forms of anxiety disorder like Panic disorder without agoraphobia, Panic disorder with agoraphobia, Social phobias & Specific phobias. From fear of water & bathing to fears of social contact, height, dancing, doctor, sleep, long words, fresh air and many things. In this app not only you can explore the phobias but also you can get a complete idea of the signs and symptoms as well as the various treatment process.

Shirdi Saibaba


This "Shirdi Saibaba" app helps you to know all about the 11 promises made by baba to all his devotees. Now, you can also listen to a number of Saibaba Aarti's right at your figure tips through our app. We also provide a selected range of videos of the famous temple of Shirdi Saibaba. Features: You can read the 11 promises of Shirdi Saibaba, You can listen to a variety of audio songs, You can see the videos as well as also you can add to your favourite list.

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